Review: A Bronx Tale at The James M. Nederlander Theatre (Through March 24, 2019)

There’s a reason this show was completely snubbed by the Tonys and received zero nominations. It’s a dud. Let’s start with the good. The dancing is high-energy, acrobatic and a thrill to see. Richard H. Blake, who originated the role of Lorenzo, turns in a notable performance. But that’s it. The book is terrible. The songs are instantly forgettable. Every joke lands flat. The plot is thin and tired.

The show’s marketing clings to a quote that bills the show as “a combination of ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘West Side Story,’” a lazy observation based on the fact that there are men crooning under street lamps and an interracial love story. But the show does not even tangentially approach the level of quality of either musical. Or whereas “Guys and Dolls” gives us the timeless “Luck Be a Lady,” this show gives us the painful “Roll ‘Em” with lyrics like “shut your trap or get in the crapper.”


If you loved the film version of the story and you never see musicals, go ahead and buy a ticket. Otherwise, save your money.


e Webster Avenue

Get tickets for A Bronx Tale through March 24th.
Cost of a ticket: $33 to $94
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Don’t Bother
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

g Belmont Avenue - women and men

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