Excellent Acting! Landladies at Northlight Theatre (Through April 20, 2019)

Christine is a single mother working at Casa Taco House. She lives in a dump of an apartment where the landlady, Marti, doesn’t fix anything. Her boyfriend is a drunk struggling to stay sober. When she starts to work for Marti, things start to look up for her leading to an exciting climax.

Unfortunately, the resolution to this climax is quite unsatisfying. A long time jump takes place that comes out of nowhere without an intermission break. The whole final scene just seems out of place with the rest of the play.

The set is very impressive. Walls slide in and out transforming the stage from one apartment to another. A couch flips into a wall. A stove appears out of nowhere. A giant hole in the floor features prominently.

Screenshot_2019-03-25 Landladies Northlight Theatre(1)

Also, the acting in this production is excellent. Leah Karpel is solid as the young mother trying to provide a good life for her daughter. Shanesia Davis is strong as a landlady trying to be nice to her tenants while focusing on growing her business. Lastly, Julian Parker (Pass Over) is hilarious as the deadbeat boyfriend.
Get tickets now for Landladies through April 20th!


Cost of a ticket: $60
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney

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