Rocking and Funny! Broadway in Chicago Presents Rock of Ages at the Nederlander Theatre (Through April 28, 2019)

Rock of Ages first appeared on Broadway in 2009 to great success. A movie version starring Tom Cruise was released in 2012 with moderate reviews. Now, Broadway in Chicago is bringing it back to the theatre in a version that is better than the movie. John-Michael Breen stars as Lonny, the narrator of the story. He plays the 80’s rocker with a mullet acting hilariously as he flirts with a woman seated up front.

Another hysterical scene involves a couple having sex in the bathroom. It is Stacee Jaxx, played hilariously with style by Sam Harvey, and Sherrie, played excellently by Katie LaMark. They get into some really crazy positions partially hidden by the walls of the stall as they sing Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”. This is just one example of the humor involved which was missing in the movie version.

Rock of Ages is the name of a song released in 1983 by Def Leppard. However, there are no Def Leppard songs in the show. “They wouldn’t give us the rights” says the narrator, which is absolutely true a fun example of them poking fun at themselves. It’s a truly fun experience and a must see for all fans of comedy and 80s rock!

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Get tickets now for Rock of Ages through Sunday!

Cost of a ticket: $50
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It –
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Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Quinn Delaney

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