So Fun! Matter Dance Company Presents Once Upon at The Den Theatre (Through May 4, 2019)

It’s opening weekend for Matter Dance Company’s Once Upon and the theatre is packed. A buzz is in the air in the intimate Den Theatre space. Fifteen pieces are tied together with a narrator and the theme of fairy tales. Here are a few of the best:

to destination unknown
Choreography: Mike Ford
Music: Happiness Does Not Wait by Olafur Arnalds

This one has beautiful dancing and beautiful music. The three women gracefully move across the stage as the notes roll over the audience. It’s a fantastic start to the evening.

Wicked Step Siblings
Choreography: Josh Fletcher
Music: Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox

This super fun dance features eight performers fighting over a glass slipper in a tribute to Cinderella. Each dancer has a joyful moment when they have the slipper and are in celebration mode.

Catch of the Day
Choreography: Kristi Rice
Music: Hunter by Bjork

Six woman dressed in all green dance with an animalistic style. Then, a male hunter enters. While at first the women seem scared, they soon over power him and he becomes the catch of the day. It’s a great performance matched with an excellent song.


Photos by Michael Courier

Happily Never After
Choreography: Josh Fletcher
Music: Hush Hush by The Pussycat Dolls

This is another piece that showcases the joy that Matter Dance Company is best at creating. The dancers look like they are having so much fun and the audience is right there with them often exclaiming out loud in excitement. If you would like join them, they have an open audition in January.

Get tickets now for Once Upon through May 4th!

Cost of a ticket: $25
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value –
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother
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