Hilarious! Grinning from Fear to Fear at Second City (Open Run)

The founding fathers are out late partying when suddenly they realize that the bill of rights is due tomorrow! They decide to do it now and to continue drinking. “I want to say whatever I want!” says Jefferson. Great, freedom of speech. “Lots of guns!” says Adams. Great, the right to bear arms. Then they ask the audience for something that bothers them. “Loud farts!” Oh yes, they all agree. Paul Revere has the loudest farts because of all his horse riding. That should definitely be illegal. “Homework!” Absolutely should be outlawed! If someone asks for your homework, plead the fifth!
This is a great example of how they blend improv with a scripted scene. The following scene on the other hand, is completely improvised.
A stewardess (Atra Asdou) ask a couple (Laurel Krabacher and EJ Cameron) what they would like to drink mid flight. The woman wakes up her husband to ask what he would like. He is way less then upset that he should be for being woken up. He calmly asks for warm milk. The stewardess only has cold milk. “Can you warm it up?” “Let me check” she says. In the back of the plane, another flight attendant (Andrew Knox) tells her that the milk comes out ice cold from the dragon’s nipples and they don’t have any way to warm it up. Suddenly, turbulence hits (announced by Chuck Norment) and the dragon (Mark Campbell) flies away. “Sorry, we are out of milk. The dragon flew away!” Scene!
GFF PR Photo 006
As you can see, the entire cast joined in on this scene. They all improvise really well together and bring out each other’s strengths. Their scripted scene are also great including a game show called Toss and Turn about trying to fall asleep and an extremely awkward dinner with your girlfriend’s parents. Saying anything further would be spoiling some of the fun. While the current main stage show is very political, this one provides a break from politics, It really is funny for everyone!
GFF PR Photo 001
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