Quite Funny! Nancy and Beth (Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt) featuring Nick Offerman at City Winery Chicago (May 6, 2019)

Nick Offerman (Mullally’s husband) walks onto the stage and is met with a loud applause. He starts off by saying something like “In these dark times, when we need 17 varieties of Oreos, Nancy and Beth provide much needed relief.” Megan Mullally’s microphone was already live, and she could be heard laughing before she entered the stage with her musical partner, Stephanie Hunt.


Later on, Nick returns to the stage to introduce the band members. He picks a type of sausage to describe each person. He kneels down at last to introduce Megan. Her sausage is… the banger. The crowd erupts in laughter!

The best song of the night is “I Don’t Love Her” by Gucci Mane. It’s hilarious to hear this graphic song performed by this band. The second best one is “Saved” by LaVern Baker. Midway into the song, Nick enters the stage playing a giant drum. He truly is the highlight of the night.

Catch Nancy and Beth on tour now!

Cost of a ticket: $45
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price +
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney

See their setlists here.


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