Excellent! Broadway in Chicago Presents Falsettos at the James M. Nederlander Theatre (Through June 9, 2019)

Falsettos is the combination of two Off-Broadway shows, March of the Falsettos (1981) and Falsettoland (1990).  It first opened in it’s current form on Broadway in 1992 and was nominated for seven Tony Awards. It was revived in 2016 and was nominated for another 5 Tonys. And now, in May 2019, in comes to Chicago’s James M. Nederlander Theatre!

The story centers around Marvin, who begins married with a 12 year old son. He decides to leave them for his new love interest, another man. His wife then goes on to marry their therapist. All of this leads to a lot of dramatics and they search for happiness in this new situation.

In this musical, almost everything is sung. It’s difficult to pull this off without any spoken dialog, but this production manages just that. It is a very emotional ride.

The performance by Thatcher Jacobs, who plays the son, is very impressive as he holds his own among all the adults. Nick Adams (“Smash”) is solid as the new boyfriend and Max Von Essen (“The Good Wife”) is fantastic as Marvin. Lastly, Nick Blaemire (“The Good Wife”) is hilarious as therapist.

c - The Baseball Game - 0322r

The set design is very clever. It starts as just a huge cube in the center of the stage, but it comes apart into pieces for all the different scenes as chairs, tables, and more.

b - Trina Jason and Marvin - 0287r

Get tickets now for Falsettos through June 9th!

Cost of a ticket: $71 and up
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating:  Worth It
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney

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