Ridiculously Funny! Eclipse Theatre Company Presents Beyond Therapy at the Athenaeum Theatre (Through August 18, 2019)

Bruce places a personal ad in the paper looking for a date. Prudence replies and it leads to a very awkward date in a restaurant. Afterwards, they both talk about their date to their therapists. Bruce’s therapist is a free spirited hippie who suggests he makes his ad more exciting, less truthful, and try again. Meanwhile, Bruce’s boyfriend isn’t happy at all with the whole dating women thing! Prudence’s therapist wants her to stop looking for a man and just date him!


The whole play is ridiculously funny just like the previous Christopher Durang play produced by Eclipse Theatre Company, Baby with the Bathwater.  Bruce and Prudence seem like crazy people in the first very awkward date. But then the other characters act even more insane making them look quite normal in comparison.

Nick Freed is hilariously awkward as Bruce, trying to win over Prudence, played by Devi Reisenfeld, who is aghast at his behavior. Joe McCauley is very funny as Prudence’s inappropriate therapist. Lynne Baker is great as Bruce’s new age therapist, especially when she is searching for the right word to say by spilling out words that all start with the same letter. Siddhartha Rajan is so good as Bob, who is dumbfounded by the whole situation. Lastly, Alex Rocha is great as the waiter who unexpectantly gets drawn into this madness.

Get tickets now for Beyond Therapy through August 18th!

Cost of a ticket: $39
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney

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