Heartfelt! Tiny Beautiful Things at Victory Gardens Theater (Through October 13, 2019)

Cheryl Strayed (Wild) is working as an advice columnist. She posts anonymously as Sugar. She takes on many different types on inquiries. There is a transgender person who must decide whether to accept their parents back into their life who are now understanding, but who shunned them before. There is the father who lost his 22 year old son and is struggling to move on. In her responses, Sugar shares a lot of about her own life. This includes the story about buying a toddler sized red dress with her mother before she even decided if she wanted children. Interspersed between all these heavy issues are shorter and sometimes funny ones to create a good balance.

The set is very professionally created. It is a monochrome style café with all dark blues. This monochromatic set allows the key items in the play to stick out such as the red dress in a visually striking manner.


Janet Ulrich Brooks (The Children, Native Gardens) is fantastic as Sugar. She treats each letter with complete respect and gives truly heartfelt responses. August Forman (Girl in the Red Corner), Eric Slater, and Jessica Dean Turner are all great as the letter writers. They all embody so many different characters with very little time in between each.

Get tickets now for Tiny Beautiful Things through October 13th!

Cost of a ticket: $56 (Silver)

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother


Quinn Delaney

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