Fantastic! TOTO at the Chicago Theatre (October 4, 2019)

“Hold the Line! Love isn’t always on time!” sings the lead singer on “Hold The Line” from TOTO’s 1978 self titled debut album. The song still sounds great after 40 trips around the sun, as their tour is named. It gets the whole audience out of their seats and singing along.

“Rosanna” is another crowd favorite. It’s from their 1982 album, Toto IV. They joke about how creative they are when naming their albums.  “Not quite a year since she went away, Rosanna. Now she’s gone and I have to say, meet you all the way.”

They also play “Human Nature”, which was written by the keyboardist and became a hit for Michael Jackson.

Dominique Xavier Taplin plays a fantastic keyboard solo. He is filling in for the regular player. He is also a member of Ghost-Note, headed by two drummers from Snarky Puppy.

At last, the lead guitarist asks the crowd “Are you ready for that song?” Everyone stands up and joins in singing “Africa”. It’s quite a magical moment when the band stops and just the crowd is singing the melody.

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney


Also, TOTO made a brief appearance on Family Guy last Sunday!

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