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Exciting! The Effect at Strawdog Theatre (Through November 23, 2019)

A man and a woman have signed up for a clinical drug trial for an antidepressant. They are given drugs that raise their dopamine levels which satisfies their natural reward systems. This leads to them feeling very attracted to each other and to fall in love. The doctors are wondering if this is strictly an effect of the drug or if it is just the result of them being in the long trial together. The doctors also have a long history together which complicates things further.


The first half of the play is very exciting as the drugs are having a very positive effect and love is in the air. After the intermission, everything begins to unravel and everyone must struggle to cope with the situation.


Yeaji Kim created a pristine white and grey set.  The bed and walls are white. The floor is grey. Along with the white lab coats, the environment is well established.

Sam Hubbard is powerful as Tristan, a man who reacts very strongly to the drugs. Daniella Pereira is fantastic as Connie, who also falls in love, but questions whether it is the result of the drug. Cary Shoda is great as the lead doctor, who explains how he came into this line of work with a great story. Lastly, Justine C Turner is excellent as the other doctor who has a complicated history with her boss.


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Cost of a ticket: $35

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It

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Quinn Delaney