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Challenging! Escape Artistry Presents The Railcar at Flatiron Arts Building (May 29, 2016)

You are trapped on a RTA subway car and you only have one hour to escape. There are many compartments in the train with locks. The combinations can be discovered by solving math word problems, riddles, and other puzzles. The tasks range in difficulty from very easy to quite difficult. Teamwork is essential to solve all the puzzles in time. As the time winds down, if your team needs them, clues are revealed to help you solve the puzzles you are stuck on.

Team Hmmm came up just short of escape. Only one puzzle remained when the time ran out. It was a very exciting interactive experience. If you enjoyed Last Defender or Trapped In A Room with a Zombie, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.  Get your Railcar ticket now!

Quinn Delaney

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