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Fantastic Tour! Delhi By Bike – Heritage Walk

Old Delhi is a crowded and fast paced section of Delhi. The streets are far from a grid system and form a wild maze. There are countless options for food and shopping. It can all seem overwhelming, which is why getting a tour guide is a great idea for this area. If you don’t want to do the bike tours at 6:30am, Delhi By Bike offers a fantastic walking option in the afternoon.


The tour starts tonight with an early dinner. Our guide, Tenzin, finds us a table in a small restaurant just off a busy street and orders for us. It’s a truly authentic Indian meal. He even cautions us against eating one small part of the meal that may make Westerners ill. After dinner, we wind through the narrow streets and explore Wedding Street, where you can buy all the things you would need for your nuptials. Everything except wedding cards, for which there is another entire street full of shops only selling these.

Later on we turn into an unassuming stairway and climb up five stories. At the top are a bunch more stores, including one selling picture frames. This rooftop also provides a great view of the city. The Iconic Jain temple, Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, is just across the street. Just past this is the incredible Red Fort whose wall stretches into the distance. Also visible is Gurudwara Sri Sisganj Sahib, of which we later explore the inside (it’s like a mini Golden Temple).


At the end of the tour, our guide hails a rickshaw driver and rides with us back to the metro stop. It turns out we are all heading in the same direction, so he joins us on the metro back to where we are staying. Tenzin was very friendly and very knowledgeable about Old Delhi. In fact, this review only covers a small portion of the many things we saw. It was a nonstop barrage of things to see for three hours.

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Excellent! Hawaiian Glass Bottom Boat Tours featuring a Shipwreck

Looking for a unique tour of Oahu’s southern coast? Do you want to see underwater without snorkeling or scuba diving?  Do you have children that are too young to snorkel? The Hawaiian Glass Bottom Boat tour is perfect for you. The boat is equipped with four viewing boxes which allow you to see into the water. Most impressively, we were able to see a shipwrecked boat far off the coast. It was covered in coral and hundreds of fish swimming around. It’s quite a site to see.


Also on this tour, we spotted many large sea turtles coming up for air. We didn’t spot any whales, dolphins, or sharks on this tour, but it’s definitely possible to see them in this area.  As we cruised along the Waikiki coast, the captain shared the history of the area as he pointed out the different landmarks. The most iconic of these being Diamond Head Crater, which looks even better from the ocean than from the land. He also answered questions including one about why Hawaii doesn’t have much of a tide effect along its shores.


Being able to see below the water truly makes this tour unique and a great value for any traveler! Book your Hawaiian Glass Bottom Boat Tour now!


Quinn Delaney