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Food Review: Tommy Gun’s Garage (September 13, 2017)

The food at Tommy Gun’s Garage was delicious and the service was excellent. To start, the cream of chicken soup was very tasty. The Kingpin was an easy choice from their menu. It’s a 10 oz cut of roasted prime rib served with au juliene. It was very juicy and tender and tasted fantastic. Also great were the green beans on the side along with a baked potato, which is served with butter and sour cream on the side. Lastly, for dessert, cannoli was served. They were crunchy and sweet, the perfect combo to finish off a meal.


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Top of His Game: Godfrey at Up Comedy Club (September 26, 2015)

Tonight’s Godfrey show is being recorded.  This former Chicagoan chose his hometown, over his current city, New York to film his latest special. Godfrey talks a lot about the experience of being black in the city. He tells the audience someone once described him as being “Regular Black”.  “That sounds like a Crayola color!” he exclaims. Immediately three women walk on to the stage carrying over-sized crayons. They are labeled “Regular Black”, “Oprah”, and “Obama”!

Godfrey’s Obama impressions are spot on. He performs a bit where he explores what it would sound like if Obama suddenly started talking Kenyan in the middle of a speech. The result has the audience cracking up. He also does an excellent impression of his Nigerian father responding to his request to buy $200 Jordan shoes in a deep African voice. “When I was your age, I didn’t have feet! I had to crawl 100 miles to school!” There is an incredibly smooth flow as Godfrey goes from topic to topic. It’s clear from this performance that Godfrey is at the top of his game and will continue to make crowds laugh for many years to come.

Quinn Delaney

Grant Park Music Festival at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park (July 3, 2015)

Welcome to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, one of Chicago’s best venues. Tonight the Grant Park Orchestra is playing Schumann’s Renish Symphony as part of the Grant Park Music Festival. The festival used to take place at the Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park, hence the name. It is an expertly crafted night of classical music by a stage full of excellent talent. All the men are wearing white suit coats and black pants and the ladies are wearing white shirts with black pants or dresses. They all look fabulous. During their open rehearsals, which take place in the middle of the day, you see these usually dolled up performers dressed casually. It is an interesting experience as it is rare to see classical music played without formal attire.Tonight’s performance is conducted by Carlos Kalmar featuring cello soloist, Tanja Tetzlaff. Overall, it is a fantastic evening of music by a Chicago institution that showcases what this world class city has to offer.

Quinn Delaney

Master of His Craft: Bahamas at the Metro (June 11, 2015)

A Bahamas concert is not just an audience watching a band perform. It is an interactive celebration of music.  After this talented musician finishes one of his songs, there is a short pause and he starts it back up again. Afie Jurvanen says he could go on and play this melody for 20 minutes straight like The National.  It’s just that good, he says.  Later on, during one of the sparse solos, one note is played expressively and the crowd goes wild.  This gifted guitarist doesn’t need a rapid fire string of tones, he only needs one note. To close out the set, he plays Lost in the Light.  It’s a beautiful song that features his slick guitar playing along with the female singer’s magnificent voice which is pure delight for the appreciative crowd.

When Jurvanen returns to the stage, he comments on how silly the encore process has become in that it is now expected. However, he says, it does allow the band to check their text messages! This engaging band closes out the night with All The Time. “I had all the time in the world; you wanted none of that.” Afie has captured that melancholy feeling perfectly with the tone of this song. This brilliant musician is a master of his craft and puts on one hell of a show! Catch him live whenever you can!

Quinn Delaney

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Artemisia Presents: Belfast Girls at the Den Theatre (May 24, 2015)

Belfast Girls is about Irish female outcasts being shipped off to Australia. However, the girls don’t realize this at first. They are under the impression they are sailing off to a sun soaked paradise where they will marry rich men and escape the cruel environment of their Ireland lives. The transformation from joyous journey to uncertain future is acted out excellently by all the actresses. The action goes from string female bonding and love all the way to hatred and violence. The history of the women is slowly revealed leading to an exciting climax.  Will everyone survive the three month journey? See the Belfast Girls now and find out!

Quinn Delaney

Running Time:  Two hours and ten minutes with one intermission
Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee
Written by Jaki McCarrick
Directed by Julie Proudfoot
Thursdays, Fridays at 7:30pm
Saturdays at 3pm and 7:30pm
Sundays at 6pm
Thru June 14th

Choice Slopeside Rock: Turnpike Troubadours at Steamboat

Over winter break, I took a week’s vacation to go skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO. I unknowingly scheduled my trip during “MusicFest”, a week-long music festival held in Gondola Square at Steamboat Springs Mountain Resort. If you have never been to Steamboat, this stage is literally steps from the snow, between the slopes and the gondola.

The Turnpike Troubadours began at 1PM, a perfect time to get some good shredding in during the sparsely populated morning hours, then take a lunch break outside with fantastic live music before heading back up to the slopes.

After the first song, they instantly began telling jokes and gracing the crowd with funny personal accounts about their airport travel experiences. They immediately caught the attention of the crowd by playing their two most popular songs “7 & 7’s” and “Every Girl” as the third and fourth songs in their set. The band offered the perfect sound for the venue, as they clearly showed that they were enjoying having a good time on vacation just like everyone else. The largely Texan crowd got a kick out of the folk band from Oklahoma, as they ate lunch, hung out slope-side, and played an organized Washer Toss tournament next to the stage.

This was a fantastic event held by Steamboat Mountain Resort, which offered entertainment all day and night for the whole family. Whether taking a break day from skiing, or for the spouse who would rather relax and get a massage than hit the slopes, this event was great for the town and its guests, that I feel like more resorts will evolve to this style of entertainment to cater to the whole variety of their guests.

Matt Peters

Pick of the Week: Scott Lucas & the Married Men and Wolvereen at Hideout (December 20, 2014)

Scott Lucas & The Married Men

A Festivus miracle! They’re getting the band back together for the holidays! After taking all of 2014 off to play music with their other bands — Scott Lucas is the frontman for long-running, two-man band Local H, while several of the Married Men also play in Celtic Punk band the Tossers — Scott Lucas & the Married Men will reunite for their 5th Annual Hideout Holiday Music Hour. Their first and only performance of the year will be recorded and broadcast from the band’s website around Christmas.

The show will feature plenty of holiday classics — in the past they’ve taken on “Feliz Navidad,” “Last Christmas” by Wham!, “Mr. Grinch,” “Father Christmas” by the Kinks and many more. Lucas and his six-piece backing band, the Married Men — a collective that includes violin, organ and accordion and has drawn comparisons to Wilco, the Waterboys and Nick Cave — will also perform original songs from their most recent records, Blood Half Moon and The Cruel Summer EP, as well as Married Men staples, drawn from their first two releases: George Lassos the Moon and The Absolute Beginners EP.

Wolvereen is made up of four Chicago girls, Liv, Nonie, Madison and Devin, who have written and played together for the last six years. Friends since they were three and now they are 16 and 17 (and 25), Wolvereen’s sound is a combination of Blondie, Joan Jett and Haim. Having played Lollapalooza, toured with Lissie and are the youngest band to headline at Metro Chicago, Wolvereen (formerly Purple Apple) is gearing up to release their new EP, produced by veteran music writer/producer, Mike Chapman.

Upcoming Shows to Close Out November in CT

Summer may be over, but our favorite bands are still touring. Here are some of the awesome artists that are performing in the remaining months until the New Year! This list is chock full of performances, in order to give you our take on some of the hottest shows to see from New York to Massachusetts, so that you can make the most of the remainder of 2014.

Fitz & The Tantrums : @FitzAndTantrums

Friday November 14 : The Oakdale Theater – Wallingford, CT

A neo soul/indie pop band, the music of Fitz & The Tantrums is unique, funky and extremely fun to listen to.

Steve Miller Band: @SMBofficial

Saturday November 15 : Palace Theater – New Haven, CT

Steve Miller Band rocks hard in concert, and they’re sure to put on a great show. Who can resist hearing old favorites like “Fly Like an Eagle,” and “Take the Money and Run?”

Bob Dylan : @bobdylan

Saturday November 15 :Providence Performing Arts Center – Providence, RI

Alternatively, the same night you can see another living legend in the flesh. It’s a hard choice to make, but either way, both are so worth it!

Atmosphere : @atmosphere

Monday November 17 : Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT

Yes. To infinity. Introspective, catchy hip hop music that’ll have you singing along and reminiscing long after. It’s on a Monday night, but so worth it.

John Butler Trio : @JohnButlerTrio

Saturday November 22 : Calvin Theatre & Performing Arts Center – Northampton, MA

This jam band is known for their relaxing, smooth sound, and their show is sure to be both of these things, and more.

Straight No Chaser : @SNCmusic

Saturday November 29 : Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville, CT

This an acapella group will have your jaw on the floor with their frankly aca-mazing sound, which will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. I know where I’ll be on the 29th!

– Kacey Rainone

Concert Review: American Authors with The Mowgli’s and Oh Honey at Metro (October 29, 2014)

It’s a cool Chicago evening as we cruise to the Metro in a Honda.  It seems very appropriate as this tour is sponsored by Honda.  When corporations sponsor music events, it can at time get obnoxious, but for this show it was very tastefully done.  It allowed for a large screen to be placed at the back of the stage which displayed Oh Honey as we entered.  Throughout their set, they were very happy to be on stage and the audience who had arrived early were very pleased with their performance.  They closed out their set with their very catchy hit, “Be Okay”.  It feels true as they sing “What’s the point of dreaming when your life is great?”

During the set break, the screen plays music videos in high resolution of bands such as Grouplove and Neon Trees.  They also throw in an ad for a Honda motorcycle, but it is in the style of a music video, so it blends in nicely.  Then the screen displays “Mowgli’s” and the house lights go off.  An official voice announces, “Honda Civic presents: The Mowgli’s”.

All seven members of the band come out and completely fill the stage as the audience cheers.  They launch into their musical style of joyous rock and roll.  The lead singer tells the crowd Chicago is one of their favorite cities, and we believe them.  The guitarist on the left is even wearing a Scottie Pippen jersey, Bulls #33.  With one song remaining, the band asks what song the crowd wants to hear.  The band plays an extended while the lead singer says “The next song we will play is called…  San Francisco!”  The young crowd begins to jump as they close their set with their biggest hit to date.

After the stage is set for the next act, the entire Metro goes dark.  We can just barely see the drummer take the stage.  He bangs the drum twice and the screen blinks bright white with each slam knocking everyone back with the shock of such a bright light.  This attack of light and sound continues as the rest of American Authors take the stage and begin their first song.  Midway through their set, they cover Coldplay’s “Yellow”.  It’s a bit of an uninspired cover, but they redeem themselves later with a great rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me”.  During their entire set, they take full advantage of the screen including turning the venue into a disco during “Hit It”.  To close out their set, they play “Best Day Of My Life” to everyone’s delight.  We were surprised this wasn’t the final song of their encore and so we weren’t sure if they would return to the stage.  However, they did return.  They started their first encore song completely acoustic without microphones and amps.  Halfway through the song they switched to full on sounds and the effect was quite impressive.  They closed their set with “Oh, What A Life”, and we all agreed!

All in all, it was a fantastic show.  With this as an example of corporate sponsored touring, the future is bright!

American Authors

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