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Excellent! EXOR Studios Presents X-Morph: Defense on Xbox One (Also available on PC and PS4)

X-Morph Defense is a tower defense game similar to Defense Grid. However, it also has the quality of being a top down shooter as you control a flying spaceship during the battles. In the game, you play invading aliens trying to take over the world. You battle everywhere across the globe including Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, and more. Before the battle begins, you strategically place your defense towers and fences to make the enemy take the hardest path possible. You can also knock over buildings and blow up bridges to block their path in the responsive urban environment!


The game is extremely fun game to play. Most strategy games don’t translate well to the Xbox as a mouse and a keyboard are needed to precisely and quickly build (aka Warcraft and StarCraft). However, in this game, building is quite simple and the majority of time you are attacking the enemies with your very powerful spaceship. Having two joysticks is the ideal way to control the ship. Also, after completing the game, you can play again in Local co-op mode.


You may also recognize Michael McConnohie as the voice of the Earth’s leader. He was also the voice of the Agency in Crackdown and many other games.

On March 26th, a free update will add a Survival Mode to the game. On the same day, European Assault will  also be released, which is a brand new mini-campaign!

Buy X-Morph: Defense now in the Microsoft Store!

Quinn Delaney