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Lollapalooza Preview Sunday

It’s Lollapalooza Eve in Chicago! The children will nestle all snug in their beds;
while visions of rock and roll dance in their heads!


1. Don’t party too hard Friday and Saturday night. You’ll regret missing the early bands the next day. However, go all out on Sunday. It’s only work on Monday!

2. Ride your bike to the festival. This is by far the easiest method, with public transportation coming in second place.

3. If you need to get past someone in a crowd, put your hand on their shoulder and say excuse me. They will turn and then you can slide past them. This is way better than just pushing them out of the way.

Must See Bands:

1. Kongos – These South African rockers are quickly gaining in popularity. Make sure you don’t party too hard tonight so you can catch their early set on the Palladia Stage at 12:15pm.

2. Gemini Club – “With noisy synths, rugged drums and catchy melodies, Gemini Club is fully committed to both electronics and rock and roll. The Chicago four-piece has developed a sound that is both classic and driven towards the future.” – From their Facebook Page

3. Delta Rae – This group brings back the classic rock that sounds like Fleetwood Mac. They have even recorded their hit single, “If I Loved You”, with Stevie Nicks. They bring their enthusiastic love of this music to stages of all sizes, from a small tent in Austin to the Palladia Stage of Lolla!