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Chicago and REO Speedwagon at Northerly Island

It’s a windy night in the Windy City. The crowd awaits REO. A voice on the loud speaker encourages us to welcome to the stage the opener. Turns out, there is a bonus act. One which is not listed on the Live Nation site or anywhere else of note. The crowd puts up with him and thankfully his set is short. Again, the crowd waits for REO.

The wait is short and they take the stage. The crowd, filled mostly with fans who were in their 20s when these bands first hit the scene, welcomes them warmly. At one point during the show he “takes” a call from his lady. She asks him to bring home a loaf of bread. He responds he can’t bring in the garbage cans because he is playing to 15,000 fans. Oops!

Next up, Chicago takes the stage. As play “Saturday in the Park”, fireworks are blasting in the background from Navy Pier.  Every day IS like the fourth of July with Chicago in Chicago.

Finally, Chicago and REO Speedwagon play together for a final set of hits.  Everyone knows every word.  Everyone has a huge smile on their face.  THIS is summer in the Windy City.