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“Angry Mob” in a display jacuzzi at the Randolph Taste of Chicago’s show featuring the Kaiser Chiefs

Opening up with their hit “Everyday I Love You Less and Less” could have not been more ironic for the theme of the Kaiser Chiefs show on June 14th at the Randolph Taste of Chicago. Through the diverse dynamic of the crowd, including the man in his mid fifties doing a constant power point at the lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky Wilson, the entire night and the bass player Simon Rix’s stone cold face radiating the epitome of cool, the crowd at the Kaiser Chief’s Randolph Taste of Chicago set, myself included, seemed to love the Kaiser Chiefs more and more after their phenomenal set. From the mosh pit breaking out in the middle of the Kaiser Chief’s fourth song in their twelve song set, Ricky Wilson fed off of the energy of the crowd. Thus resulting in skinny jean clad Ricky Wilson defying the restrictiveness that is often associated with skinny jeans by going into a series of aberrant dance moves. As Ruby, their eighth song of their set finished, Ricky Wilson took out his ear piece and started a sing along to their hit single Ruby, that finished in Ricky Wilson’s cry of glee of “you do remember us do you”.

 It had been two years since the last time the Kaiser Chief’s preformed in Chicago, and Ricky Wilson was determined to make sure the crowd at the Randolph Taste of Chicago would always remember the Kaiser Chiefs. Defying the restrictiveness of skinny jeans once again, Ricky Wilson fed off the energy of the crowd through “Angry Mob”, the eleventh song of the set by jumping off of the stage and climbing on top of a truck that was located to the right of the stage. Singing part of Angry Mob on the roof of the truck, Ricky Wilson had difficulty getting down from being on top of the truck. Resulting in Ricky Wilson’s decision to jump into a display jacuzzi to the inside the truck and finished the rest of “Angry Mob” from lounging in the display jacuzzi.

 The British band closed with the song “Oh My God”. At the end of the set Ricky Wilson had one request, which was that everyone in the audience as well as the members of the Kaiser Chief’s “stay friends forever. Best friends forever”. As the Kaiser Chief’s ran off the stage, Ricky Wilson yelled to the audience “we love you best friends”, and by going off the crowd’s refusal to leave while chanting one more song, it is safe to say that the crowd at the Randolph Taste of Chicago reciprocates Ricky Wilson’s love after the Kaiser Chief’s dynamic show.

 Author: Grace Farley – PlaylistHQ Intern

 Kaiser Chief’s Randolph Taste of Chicago Set List

 June 14th 2014

 1 – Everyday I Love You Less and Less

2 – Modern Way

3 – Never Miss A Beat

4 – Little Shocks

5 – Less is More

6 – The Factory Gates

7 – Coming Home

8 – Ruby

9 – I Predict A Riot

10 – Misery Company

11 – The Angry Mob

12 – Oh My God