A Super Happy Fun Night: Happy Contest Time at the NerdMelt Showroom (January 20th, 2015)

Welcome to the NerdMelt Showroom, the comedy theatre in the back of a comic book store.  No alcohol is served here, but they do have Shasta Twist! While the audience waits for the show to start, songs such as “Let It Go” and “Super Bass” play over the excellent sound system.  Then the lights go out.

A Japanese dance pop song begins to play. A woman wearing a rainbow around her face enters and someone wearing a horse head drinking a bottle of Corona joins her.   A horse drinking beer is a hilarious visual.  The host, Deborah Etta Robinson, takes the stage and proceeds to dance with great excitement. Everyone is laughing and cheering simultaneously.  This is a fantastic start to the show.  Next, the host introduces the judges, three Japanese schoolgirls.  However, one of the girls couldn’t make it, so she is being replaced by her dad!

Brendon Walsh is the first comedian.  He talks about how he used to live in Austin and that the rest of Texas is a bunch of gun slingers.  He begins shouting “pow pow pow”.  A heckler yells out, “I’m from Texas and I have never held a gun!” He responds, “pow pow pow! All Texans!” The heckler replys, “You better watch out!” He responds in a sarcastic tone, “just kidding, Texas is great!” Afterwards, the dad judge says, “You handled the mean lady from Texas pretty well!”

While the host is introducing the next comic, she is rudely interrupted by Hank! Hank is drunk off Coke Zero and thinks all the ladies are very “sessie”!  In fact, Hank is Inessa Frantowski with a beard drawn on her face in marker.  Haha!

Next up is Laura Crawford.  Her set is hilarious as she talks about her struggles with relationships and life in LA.  Everyone was laughing the whole time!  Afterwards, one of the female judges’ comments, “I hope you can find a new boyfriend!” Nice!

A few more comedians take the stage including Patrick Keane, Andrew Michaan, and Brent Weinbach.  This lineup is very different from the one posted ahead of the show (http://holdmyticket.com/event/193876).  Apparently, it’s very common for comedians to cancel in Los Angeles, as they jump at last minute chances to be on TV or other high profile performances.

All in all, it was a hilarious evening.  The concept of having Japanese judges worked very well, as their reviews always generated laughs.  The host was successful in tying everything together while moving the show along at a great tempo.  Be sure to catch the next show on February 17th back at the NerdMelt!

Quinn Delaney

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