An Amazing Experience: Papadosio at Canopy Club (September 29, 2015)

On Tuesday night, the 29th of September, Papadosio began their Extras In A Movie Tour at Canopy Club in Urbana, IL. Upon entering the venue, I was overcome with tons of powerful, positive vibes and when the show began it was evident that this group has a very passionate fan base. Almost immediately the music took me into a different state of mind. Their celestial sound was unlike something I have ever heard before. Through their use of multiple guitars, live looping, and running instruments through a computer, they were able to create genre-bending songs. Aside from that, Papadosio’s light show and visuals were quite impressive. While I was already taken away by the stimulation of the music, the graphics added another touch that just overwhelmed me with euphoria.

It was amazing to experience a group that believes in their music and wants to inspire people along the way. Papadosio shined a new light in my eyes by bringing us music that is genuine and personal. Each song brought up a different feeling and memory in my mind, which made this experience that much more noteworthy. Last night, every inch of Canopy Club was high off of Papadosio’s psychedelic energy. The liveliness radiating in the venue was contagious and I recommend that everyone see Papadosio perform.

Hailey Reilly (PlaylistHQ Intern)

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