Quite Merry! The Second City Presents Twist Your Dickens at the Goodman Theatre (December 16, 2015)

Francis Guinan is playing Scrooge in Twist your Dickens. Across the hall, the traditional version of A Christmas Carol is also being performed. I would dare to say you could interchange the character of Scrooge as Francis Guinan’s performance is near perfection. It is his exact replication of Scrooge that makes it so funny to see him interact with the Second City actors. When this miserable character is called out on his stinginess, Scrooge responds as only a Scrooge can. When poor George Bailey, from It’s A Wonderful Life, asks him for money, Scrooge draws him a map to the nearest bridge and tells him to go jump. This act alone has the audience thinking that  perhaps this Scrooge is even meaner than the original! To add to the satire, someone stands up at the back of the theatre to complain on the lack of accuracy to the original Dickens tale. He notes that vertical filing cabinets were not invented until AFTER 1843! Hilarious! Many other inaccuracies are pointed out which continue delight the audience.

In one scene, a group of orphans are on strike. The orphans have several demands, not just more food (think Oliver). The fist orphan Annie, wishes for all children to be adopted by millionaires! Also present is Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Batman. Batman wishes to enact violent revenge on those who killed his parents! This wish shocks the other orphans, so Batman decides to reconsider and decides to just ask for better wages.

Additional fun and delightful scenes include parodies of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.  The number of different characters in this performance is quite impressive. See the 647 costume changes now in Twist Your Dickens through December 27th!

Quinn Delaney


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