John Prine Night: Alejandro Escovedo featuring Kelly Hogan at City Winery Chicago (January 28, 2016)

The wine has been poured, the food has been served, and the lights at City Winery dim while Alejandro Escovedo takes the stage accompanied by an all Chicago based band. Alejandro provides an update of his current shows, specifically his tribute to Leonard Coen. However, the best news of the evening is when he announces he is cured of Hepatitis C and gives an emotional heartfelt thanks to his guitarist Nick Tremulis for helping him find strength and pursue medical care which ultimately led to his cure.

Alejandro proceeds to open the show with Illegal Smile, the first song off John Prine’s debut, which they will play in its entirety tonight. Alejandro progresses through the album and for each song engages the audience to listen to the great storyteller’s lyrics. Alejandro is accompanied vocally by Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor. These two female vocalist are a pleasing compliment to Alejandro’s voice. They are also given an opportunity to shine on their own with Angel from Montgomery. Kelly’s voice is particularly strong and passionate. Her energy and passion for music is clearly displayed throughout the night.

The John Prine set ends but the evening is not complete as Alejandro takes the stage with just his guitar and the ladies to sing David Bowies All the Young Dudes. The audience is encouraged to sing along and they are more than happy to participate in the chorus of this beautiful song. It’s a fantastic finale to the night to remember a widely talent musician as performed by the same.

Marjorie Delaney

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