Take it or Leave it at iO (March 13, 2016)

Take It Or Leave It is a sketch comedy show at iO. The setups for the following setups made these sketches the best of the night.

Two employees are setting up in the morning preparing for the day. “I just love Mondays. I’m so glad to be back at work!” “I agree. I can’t wait to see who comes in today. I’m hoping to make a new best friend!” A customer enters and in unison they greet her with “Welcome to the DMV!” The audience cracks up as this is clearly not what was expected. The laughs continue as they try to befriend the customer who is clearly not looking to make friends.

A couple is on a first date. The guy says that he brought “Buddy” along too. “Oh, is that your dog?” “Not exactly. Let me grab him.” He then goes and gets his ventriloquist doll. The crowd laughs as it’s a full grown man in a doll costume. She is at first taken aback but then she enjoys talking to the doll. Perhaps she now prefers the doll to the guy!

Catch the final performance this Sunday!

Quinn Delaney


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