Review: Spartan Theatre Company Presents A Walk in the Woods at The Den Theatre (October 3, 2016)

Two arms negotiators break from the job and take a walk in the woods. The young American woman (Honeyman) wants to discuss business. The old Russian man (Botvinnik) wants to indulge in a frivolous conversation. Botvinnik is tired of work and wants to take a break from the negotiations.  He wants to befriend Honeyman.  She has no interest in friendship, at least not until the negotiations are complete. She refuses to believe that their work is simply a “nuclear nightlight”.


Sara Pavlak McGuire has a fantastic performance as Honeyman.  She is very eager to work and display her talent.  Vincent P. Mahler is excellent as Botvinnik. He is calm and charming throughout the production.  The actors feed off each other’s energy and develop a unique collegial relationship.  This Tony-nominated play is in good hands with The Spartan Theatre Company.

Buy tickets now for A Walk in the Woods through October 23rd!

Quinn Delaney


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