Absurd Realism – Hir at Steppenwolf Theatre (July 19, 2017)

Upon entering the theatre, a large curtain is covering the entire stage. Seems pretty normal, right? Except, Steppenwolf doesn’t usually use a curtain. Thus, this emphasizes that the following performance will be theatrical. In fact, it will be be hyper realism.


In Hir, Isaac returns home from war after being gone for three years to discover everything has changed since he has been gone. His father (Francis Guinan) had a stroke and is now a shadow of his former self who can barely speak. His mother is rejecting all her former duties as a housekeeper and has let the house become incredibly dirty and messy. His sister has come out as transgender. He was hoping for comfort when he returned, but he has found none. Thus, he takes it upon himself to return things to the way they were. That is, except for transgender sibling. He accepts that change fully.


This play is both funny and dramatic. It’s very real and extremely bizarre. It’s about a formerly traditional nuclear family that is now anything but. The acting is phenomenal. All of the actors make the characters so real on stage which makes the action that takes place even more absurd.

Can Isaac return things back to the way they were? Find out now in Hir through August 20!

Quinn Delaney

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