Engrossing! José González and The String Theory at The Chicago Theatre (March 28, 2019)

When they said Jose Gonzalez was touring with an orchestra, they meant it! They filled the giant stage at The Chicago Theatre with musicians. They even had a conductor who at one point played a power drill. It was an engrossing experience that drew you in and then suddenly it was two hours later!

Most orchestras don’t do encores, but this one did. Every single one of them got up and left the stage, and then returned shortly after. They closed the night with the fantastic Leaf Off / The Cave. It’s a beautiful song with González’s voice and his great guitar playing. Adding in a full orchestra makes it even better!

Here is the full lineup:

Orchestra conducted by PC Nackt.

Guitar & Vocals by José González.

Flutes by Marta Torkilsdóttir Johannes and Agata Tuchołka.

Bass clarinet by Andreas Thurfjell.

Trumpet by Erik Rosenkvist.

French Horn & Trumpet by Stephanie Deckers.

Trombone by Erik Dahl.

Violins by Karin Hagström, Emelie Molander and Robert Marberg.

Violin & Sound effects by Christoph “Mäcki” Hamann.

Violas by Elke Brauweiler and Lina Molander.

Cellos by Frédérique Labbow, Maja Molander and Katarina Palm.

Percussion & Sound effects by Daniel Schröteler and Ben Lauber

Percussion by Andres Renteria.

Piano & Keyboards by Nils Tegen.

Electric guitar & Backing vocals by Sebastian Gäbel.

Backing vocals by Nathalie Barusta, Chérie and Monika Humienna

Catch José González and The String Theory on tour now!

Quinn Delaney

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