A Perfect Summer Night: Blitzen Trapper at Logan Square Arts Festival (June 26, 2016)

Simply put, live music played in the summertime warmth is good for the soul. Adding the ingredients of a pale pink sunset painted across the skyline, beautiful artwork, and some Chicago craft beer together results in near perfection. It’s a combination that incessantly comes to mind when recalling those perfect “summer nights” when in the deep depths of cold that we’ve come to know as January. It’s the same combination that was produced on Sunday evening with Blitzen Trapper at Logan Square Arts Festival.

Portland grown Blitzen Trapper ignited the main stage at Logan Square just as sunset was commencing. After a quick thank you directed at the crowd with a simultaneous Oregon shout-out, the band’s guitars got revving. A unique sound best categorized as “Alternative” blasted from the stage’s speakers and all at once, the seated audience bounced onto their feet. Beers, sangrias, and the occasional Chicago deep-dish in hand, the crowd swayed to the rhythm of the keyboards, bass, and drums. Among all the immensely memorable attributes, the vocals were what stuck in my head the entire drive home. Lead vocalist Eric Earley produced a smooth, strong sound derived from classical rock but fused also with modern day pop and country.

Among other eye catching facets, the festival included makeshift tents of various content, from hand painted glassware to wooden bottle openers. Artists spray-painted life size murals right there in the street, paying no mind to the many passing by snapping photos. Those present reflected the ambiance of the festival itself-casual, receptive, and welcoming. A warm evening listening to beautiful music, all one can hope for in a summer night.

Madeline Taber

See the preview here.

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