Beautifully Artistic! NW Dance Project Presents Visible Darkness at the Newmark Theatre (3/17/2017)

Visible Darkness is Patrick Delcroix’s first piece since his accident two years ago. He fell off a ladder and wasn’t found until days later. He suffered brain trauma and his recovery was difficult. This performance is heart wrenching as he explores this real life trauma. At the same time, it is absolutely beautiful with the movement of the dancers. It’s bodies in motion creating a piece of art. It’s fluid, artistic, and incredibly emotional.

All of the music is beautiful. It features “Underwood” by Ludovico Einaudi and work by David Lang. It perfectly sets the mood of this dramatic dance.

Be sure to catch Summer Splendors, up next at NW Dance Project.

N W Dance Project,

Quinn Delaney


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