Southern Rock: Will Hoge at Joe’s (October 6, 2017)

Will Hoge is a singer songwriter that plays a style of southern rock . Tonight at Joe’s, he plays a whopping two hours with 29 songs. This is quite a long set for such a small standing room only venue, especially when there is an opener. During this long set, there were definitely some slow parts where the crowd wasn’t really into it, specifically in the first half. It seemed like he was trying to play as many songs as possible, instead of taking a relaxing pace.


For those who stuck around for the second half, things picked up. He mentioned that when he last played Joe’s, on October 17th last year, he promised that if everyone sang along on the next song, the Cubs would win the World Series. He then made the same promise for this year, and everyone sure did sing along to “Even If It Breaks Your Heart”.  This bit of stage banter was a bit of what usually makes a Will Hoge show great. It was unusual that it was at a minimum on this night.

To close out the night, he played “Till I Do It Again”. He sings “It’s the last time I’ll do it, till I do it again!” It’s an incredibly fun song that is a great way to end the night.

Quinn Delaney

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