Indie Folk! Frances Luke Accord at Old Town School of Music (September 24, 2017)

Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers have perfected their harmony. On “Over Your Roof”, their voices and their instruments blend so smoothly. The “Accord” in their name refers to the harmonies between Nicholas (“Luke” is his middle name) and Brian (“Frances” is the name of the street he lived on when the band formed). This harmony also comes across in their stage banter. Here are a few samples:

“Only one of us lives in Chicago now. It’s probably best for the band as we already spend so much time together.”

“Both of our Moms are here” says Powers as intro to “Stones I’ve Thrown”. The song starts, “Momma loves me, this I know.”

“It’s a band goal to own a boat!” Brian says before they play “The Great Zero”, an unreleased song.

“We are excited to start working on new music after this tour,” says Brian. “That’s Brian’s way of saying we didn’t write this one.” The crowd laughs and applauds. “You’re applauding that we didn’t write this one,” responds Brian.

It’s the fun stage banter like these that makes a Frances Luke Accord performance so great. It’s a conversation with the audience and it creates a very intimate atmosphere. To close out the night, they play “Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkle perfectly. It’s a beautiful way to end the night.

Quinn Delaney

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